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Why is bamboo better than trees? Where can I find Chu? Who has our favourite butt? Find your answers here!
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Why is bamboo better than trees?

Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant, It can grow even up to a meter a day. On the contrary it takes decades for trees to grow to maturity. Furthermore cutting bamboo does not kill it, in fact proper and on time cutting is beneficial for it. Most of the trees cut for paper industry comes from the forests, where large areas of the forest are cut in a practice called ‘clearcutting’. Deforestation is one of the major causes of global warming and paper industry is one of the main contributors to it. Bamboo is a sustainable alternative that could save thousands of kilometers of forests.

What is the difference between your products and recycled tissue papers?

Even though recycled tissue papers are better for the environment than those made directly from trees they are still not a sustainable alternative as they are also made from trees only indirectly. Recycled tissue papers only prolong the life cycle of the paper. Paper is not infinitely recyclable and new trees need to be cut to continue the cycle. Furthermore most recycled tissue papers aren’t very soft or strong as their fibers might have been damaged during the recycling process. Our tissue papers on the other are as soft, strong, and absorbent as the best tree-based tissue papers without destroying the forests.

 Does using bamboo destroy bamboo forests?

Sustainable harvesting and farming of bamboo can help to protect bamboo forest from being destroyed. In the past decades large areas of bamboo forests have been destroyed because of human development. The new interest in bamboo however has made bamboo plantations and forests more important. Increased demand in bamboo helps farmers to earn money from bamboo plantations in their land so they would not destroy bamboo to plant other crops. As cutting bamboo does not kill it, responsible harvesting of bamboo could help to preserve bamboo forests and plantations around the world.

Can I flush your toilet papers?

We have developed and tested our products to make sure they breakdown in the water within 15 seconds so you can easily flush them down the modern toilets. However being able to flush the toilet paper also depends on your sewerage system.

Where does the bamboo you use come from?

Most of the bamboo we use come from plantations in Chongqing and Sichuan provinces of China. We use 100% FSC certified bamboo sources.

Where can I purchase your products?

Our products will be available in supermarkets across Europe and North America in 2020. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates about where and when they come near you.

Are your toilet papers biodegradable?

Yes they are made from natural ingredients and can be broken down naturally in the environment.

Where do you produce your products?

Currently most of our products are produced in China due to the close proximity to bamboo plantations. We calculate the approximate emissions caused by shipping and production of products and plant enough trees to absorb twice as much of our emissions.

How do you compensate for the CO2 emissions of your products?

We plant trees and restore forests across Europe through established and transparent organizations. Trees we plant have accurate GPS coordinates and are checked regularly to ensure they have captured enough CO2.


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